Lady Liberty Gold Coin Depicts an African American Woman-This is NOT Fake News

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African American Coins

2017 225th Anniversary American Liberty Gold Coin(obverse)

On April 6, 2017 The US Mint started taking orders for the very first gold coin to show Lady Liberty as an African American Woman. This beautiful woman is wearing a crown of stars. This coin was struck in conjunction with the Mint’s 225th anniversary, mintage limited to 100,000 units. 

These one-ounce, .9999 fine 24-karat gold coins were produced at the West Point Mint. The Lady Liberty has a face value of $100, but each coin is actually worth at least the current  gold prices. The Mint has priced the coin at $1,640. However, once the coins are no longer available at the you will need to purchase from dealers, online and other collectors.

2017 225th Aniversary American Liberty Gold Coin (reverse)

The coin’s head (called the obverse) was designed by Justin Kunz and engraved by Phebe Hemphill, and it shows a profile of Lady Liberty with a crown of stars that holds back her hair. The tail (the reverse, shows an eagle in flight.

2017 225th Anniversary American Liberty Silver Medal

In June, 2017 USMint  produced 100,000 of what it calls medals, silver reproductions of the image . Whereas, the gold coins are minted in West Point the silver metals are minted in Philadelphia. There are also, as of this writing available at the


Please  note that this coin is part of a series of commemorative coins that will be released every two years. Future ones will show Lady Liberty as Asian, Hispanic and Indian  in an attempt to reflect the cultural diversity of our country.

Some coin experts have predicted that whereas the gold coins will have the value if gold goes up they will NOT have collector value. I am not an expert but I believe that if enough people KNOW that these coins watch the value soar.

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