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Hi, we are two Baby Boomers who in 2009 got interested in coins. We started reading about them, talking with others and got excited looking for rarities in pocket change.

Now, we could not afford the gold coins and other high end gems but we enjoyed reading about them.  One day we found a Booker T. Washington coin in a roll of half dollars from the bank.

We wondered how someone could just bring such a collectible coin to the bank as a regular half-dollar. We were actually hurt that some folks had no clue to the value of the coin. Then we realized that just like we never knew about the value before 2009 other may not know either.

We also wondered if there were other coins with African Americans on them? Or, if any had been designed by an African Americans?

So what we want to present to you is the continual information we are learning about this exciting area. We hope that you will not only be informed but pass on this information to others.

Please if you know something don’t hesitate to add to the knowledge base. You can even write a post just send us an email t0 babyboomercollectibles(at)gmail.com

If you have any questions just leave it as a comment. Take care and thanks for taking this journey with us.

Ray and Rosie



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