Use Your African American Coin as an Opportunity to Educate, Enlighten and Entertain

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Sue was sitting in the Doctors office waiting to be seen. She watched the tired faces of the people lining the walls of the office. The silence was deadly as each person waited in anticipation for their name to be called by the nurse.

Sue, a teacher at heart, pulled out the quarter she had with Duke Ellington on the reverse. She said took a breath and boldly annouced, “Did anyone know that Duke Ellington could be on the back of one of your quarters?

There heard heads lift up and others turn and a little boy said, “Yes, my teacher told us in school.” Others begin to chime in saying things like, “I don’t believe it”, and “Wow”. Then Sue found herself answering questions.

Then Sue watched in amazement as everyone started looking in their pockets for quarters to see if Duke Ellington was on the back. Sue kept talking about the mintage, designers and other interesting facts. She then started to share about other coins designed by African Americans or with them on the coin. Some folks hesitated to go into the doctors office because they wanted to keep hearing the stories.

By the time it was Sue’s turn to go into the Doctors office she had almost forgotten why she was there.

Get a coin and share it with others. Not only will it make them feel good but you will benefit also. Click the image below to Get yours today!


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