The First African American Man to Appear on US Postage Stamps

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There are many African Americans whose contributions have helped shape America and the world. Black leaders, inventors, educators, scientists, entrepreneurs, entertainers, athletes, and others who have been emblazoned on USPS stamps.

The first African American man to appear on a US stamp was Booker T. Washington. Booker T. Washington appeared on two U.S. postage stamps in 1940. The first one was a 10-cent stamp issued on April 7, 1940 as part of the Famous Americans Series123. The second one was a 3-cent stamp issued on December 12, 1940 as part of the American Educators Series . Both stamps featured a portrait of Washington and his name. Here are the images of the two stamps















The push to create a stamp depicting a black man in 1940 was initiated by a black newspaper asking the question why there was no representation. After the stamp was created many were critical because a 10 cent stamp would not get as much usage at the time.
The second stamp was an attempt to make it more affordable?

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