Jackie Robinson Gold $5 Uncirculated Coin is the Most Valuable of All Four Coins

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As I mentioned in an earlier post there were four Jackie Robinson Commemorative Coins released by the US Mint. The most valuable of the four coins is the Uncirculated $5 Dollar Gold Coin. Why? Well I wondered that same question.. There were actually only 5,174 uncirculated  gold coins created. This is the lowest-mintage U.S commemorative produced since 1982.

Please note that I said UNCIRCULATED NOT PROOF.  There were more proofs minted (24,072) created than uncirculated. But allow me to pause and clarify that an uncirculated coin means just that.  It is not created for general circulation like our regular every day coins. The term PROOF is a reference to the manufacturing method. There are different dies used in the process. Proofs usually look better. But bottom line a lot depends on why you are purchasing the coin and what you intend to do with it.

I mainly want you to know that these coins exist. When they first arrived on the scene a lot of folks did not buy them. Many sport collectors and coin collectors may have gotten them but many, many African Americans still do not know the coin was produced. Also, note that Jackie Robinson was the first African American to be on a Commemorative GOLD COIN.

All four of the coins were sold as a set in 1997. The pre-issue price for the four-piece set was originally set at $425, and the regular issue price was later adjusted up to $460 per set.

Also note that these gold coins are GOLD. They have 90% gold and 10% copper. So some of their value now is related to the high price of gold plus the increased collector value.


If you go online or to a dealer you will see various prices that are much  higher for the sets. If the coins are sold individually the prices will depend on if the coin has been certified and the  grade that was given to the coin from 64-70 by certification company. But allow me to discuss that in another post.


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