Black History Month, Super Bowl and African American Coins

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Today is Friday, February 3, 2012. This is the day that we are officially launching this site. Not only is it Black History Month but today is the Friday before the Super Bowl Game.

So what does this have to do with African American Coins? Well, Black History Month is the time designated to learn more about and celebrate the contributions of African Americans in the United States.

Many attempt not to limit the focus to just one month and continue it throughout the year. Well, I have found that if you hold a coin in your hand and really look at it you can see so much. You can, without a magnifying glass, see an image of a person or persons(s)on what is called the obverse, and often an image of a place or thing on what is called the reverse of the coin. You can also tell right away the face value.

Now you may need a magnifying glass, but you can also see some writing, the date, the place the coin was minted and the initials of the person who designed it. But often you will need to know more to appreciate what the value is, if any, above the face value.

That same coin may have bullion value, collector value or both. But if we don’t know we will pass it on for just FACE VALUE.

Well, during Black History month we often look, with a magnifying glass, at the details of people and events related to African Americans. Once we know more, it adds to the value!

Now about the Super Bowl. It is one of the special events that we take time to look, with interest, at two teams competing against each other for the championship. People plan parties, write articles, wear the clothing PLUS MORE. WE pay attention with seemingly unbreakable focus to the play by play details.

Well, that is our desire for you as you explore the details of African American coins. We hope that you get excited, pay attention to the details we you get one, and value it enough to share with others.

Starting today a post will go up on this site every day for the month of February. Hope you ask questions, share information and pass it on.






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