Benjamin Banneker US Postage Stamp 1980

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Benjamin Bannekar Postage Stamp 1980


On February 15, 1980 Benjamin Banneker, a self-taught astronomer and mathematician and publisher of Farmers Almanacs in the 1790’s was honored on a 15 cent US Postage Stamp. I want to also note that he was one of three people considered for the reverse of the Washington DC 2009 coin. (As you know if you have been reading this blog the placement was given to Duke Ellington.

This stamp was designed by stamp artist Jerry Pinkney. The print run was 160,000,000.

Read more about Benjamin Banneker by clicking this link.

A self-taught mathematician and astronomer, Benjamin Banneker was probably the most accomplished African American of America’s colonial period.

In 1753, he constructed the first wooden striking clock made in America. His studies and calculations in astronomy allowed him to successfully predict a solar eclipse in 1789 and to publish farmer’s almanacs in the 1790s.

In 1791 he helped design and survey the city of Washington, D.C. This stamp was issued February 15, 1980.

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