African American Coins vs African American Medals

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There are many medals that have an African American represented on them. But what is the difference between a medal and a coin? I thought it would be helpful to discuss this before I begin introducing some medals that have African Americans on them. So here are some facts:

  • Coins are real money with a denomination and they circulate.
  • Medals, although they can be similar to coins do not have a denomination and they do not circulate.
  • Both are round metal objects that are struck from dies. Engravers and sculptors use their creative genius to create both coins and medals.
  • Both coins and metals can be struck by a national mint or a private company (As in the case with the Bessie Coleman prototype.)

There are many people that collect medals like they collect coins. BOTH have their own value and when it comes to African Americans it will help us to remember and share with others the achievements of the person(s) they represent.


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