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Constance Baker Motley  was an American jurist and politician. She made significant contributions to the civil rights movement and held several groundbreaking positions:

Federal Judge: She served as a Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Notably, she was the first African-American woman appointed to the federal judiciary12.
Supreme Court Advocate: Constance was a key strategist in the civil rights movement. She argued ten landmark civil rights cases at various levels, winning nine of them. She was also the first Black woman to argue before the Supreme Court1.
Law Clerk to Thurgood Marshall: She worked closely with Thurgood Marshall, assisting him in the historic case Brown v. Board of Education1.
Borough President of Manhattan: In 1965, she was elected as the President of the Borough of Manhattan, becoming the first woman to hold that office. During her tenure, she authored a revitalization plan for Harlem and East Harlem, advocating for improvements in underserved areas of the city1.
Constance Baker Motley’s legacy extends beyond her legal achievements. She inspired generations of women to pursue careers in law, leaving an indelible mark on the legal profession3.

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