What African American Do YOU Think Should Be on a Coin and Why?

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After reading more and more about African Americans on coins or African American designers I have wondered about the process of choosing someone to be on a coin. I am also in total admiration for Daniel Carr for minting his own coin with the prototype he submitted for consideration to become a “legal tender coin.”

So I began to think about who, besides my mother, Sarah Calhoun,  would I want on a coin. I want my mom because she was a tireless advocate of helping other people and bringing children to Sunday School. You will not, however, ever read about her in the history books like others who you might select.

I did decide that ,like the Duke Ellington on the quarter, I would want to put someone on a circulating coin rather than a Commemorative.

So dream a little and and tell me African American would you choose to be on a coin and why?

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One Response to What African American Do YOU Think Should Be on a Coin and Why?

  1. Jenny says:

    Why Duke Ellington, a cultural icon and entertainer? Our currency features significant political figures. Better options would be people like Frederick Douglas, Martin Luther King, Clarence Thomas, Barack Obama, etc.

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